The Fund

Fund Raising

Funds raised at the gala will benefit museum’s Texan Fund. This is an opportunity for attendants to play a role ITC. These funds will help in preserving Texan stories and cultures. It will ensure that quality education programs and exhibits continue to be offered at ITC. Gifting the fund will support the next generation of learners who visit the museum. Earlier this year, UTSA requested for qualifications of pursuing a potential ground lease agreement. The institute wants to bring developers along to improve nearly 15 acres of ITC campus in Hemisfair Park, San Fransisco. Funds raised for the Texan Fund will support programming, construction and renovation.

Institute Mission

The institute has been a place for holding cultural conversations aimed at countering hate crimes and intolerance with unity and understanding. This was created during the Vietnam war which brought social unrest According to Analco Gonzalez the managing partner of OCI Group this concept underscores the Institute’s mission. The institute provided a neutral porn discounts¬†setting in a building that housed the Texas Exhibit Hall during 1968 World’s Fair. This setting brought together people from different faiths and cultural backgrounds to share perspectives. One of the members who participated in the dialogue, Olivia Travieso indicated that storytelling is very powerful. He said that ITC tells stories that people wouldn’t otherwise know.


ITC will be looking forward to a successful gala given that its the first one in history. People who have had a big impact on Texan community will be honored. It is a great function which welcomes everyone. Funds will be raised to fund education programs. The institute played a key role in educating and harmonizing the community. ITC will use this opportunity to bring more people on board.